Store locator on Google Maps module for HubSpot

Manage multiple locations, branches or offices on Google Maps

If you need to show all of your stores or offices on Google Maps, check the guide on how to use leadstreet's custom module for HubSpot. 

Our Google Map Positioner can list all your branches for you. Just provide the store details on the fields of the Google Maps module. Access it here.

To set up this, you will need: 

  • Google Maps Javascript API  
  • Google Maps Places API 

To properly install the Google Store Locator API, you can: 

  1. Add leadstreet’s custom module for HubSpot to a template. 
  2. Add all your stores in the module with names, addresses, images, geolocation, etc.) 
    1. Or add your services to a map on a different location.
  3. Your stores/services will be positioned on the map, and a popup can show extra data + images. 
  4. Your stores/services can be listed in different positions: above, below, left, right of the map. 
  5. You can add a filter showing a dropdown at the top of the page. 
  6. Select a service/location on the list to highlight the marker on the map. 
  7. You can add lD+JSON structured data to inform Google about each store’s telephone number and opening hours. 
    1. A reminder: Please use structured data correctly or consult web development experts in your team or in the leadstreet team. Using structured data improperly can cause problems with your website.
                  leadstreet can link the module to HubDB (good for a large number of stores), for a one-time setup fee. This fee comes with no recurring monthly payment, as with other Google map solutions.

                  You need a Google Map API -key

                  Want to see the Store Locator in action? 

                  Check out how it works by watching the video below:


                  Manage the locations by using JSON. A built-in option. 

                  Enable Use JSON instead + paste the JSON code + update your web page



                  Any Questions 

                  Please contact our support team via this form